We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone.
Every story has two sides. You need to hear both, before trying to design

How your information is structured, how users interact with your brand?
If you cannot speak Korean at all, Don't hesitate just contact us at any time.
Seoul web design and Korean web development company, SOPHIA will help you.


Have you started thinking about what you’re going to do with the coming new business? When people don't understand your business goal and needs? SOPHIA will ask a lot of questions to you which help our design understand what your needs and business goad at the website.
Don't worry SOPHIA will help you decide what technology should be implemented!


We have a strong bias towards action. Our design process is visual. It’s strategic and collaborative. We like realized things more than relitigating hypotheticals. First of all we aimed at the final project will match your needs and satisfaction this is involved all of things.
That’s why we create brand and design frameworks, prototypes and experiences that help our clients visualize and navigate their Experience Economy so that they can better connect with their consumers in a more positive and impactful way.


Truth is so powerful because it's the only thing that cannot be bought. Ninety percent of the things in the universe can be bought: better health, education, relationships, experiences and more fun. Without trust both you and our company, You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
You need a proactive web partner, providing all the online business services you need to succeed.


Do you want to provide an information to Korean people or Seoul web design company that is ensuring that your website will be optimized view properly most of Korean Users Internet Browser? And the next thing you know, you’re not only designing and building a website, but also a web app, emails, and push notifications.
SOPHIA waste time and energy when we avoid the truth. We must understand that the truth always comes out.

Good User Interface

We believe that our clients do great work. We know that well-constructed, simple tools improve the way our clients quality. Good user interface taht the work we do makes our clients more expressive, more efficient, and more flexible. Studies show that website visitors make up their minds to use your business or not, in under 1 second.
We make websites, design brands, and develop systems for artists, nonprofits, and creative businesses.

Server & Security

SOPHIA provide more than 2 Tb/sec of transit and peering capacity. With our own network Points of Presences, as well as through partnership with CloudFlare we provide global reach, and lower latency by removing network bottlenecks for your hosted websites & servers. Just staying up-to-date to minimize potential hacks and functionality issues.
The purpose of website security is to prevent these type of attacks. Moreover, security server is the act/practice of protecting websites from unauthorized access, use, sql injection attack, modification, destruction or disruption.