Technology designed for all the ways your employees want to work.
The most powerful products for business are the ones people already love to use.
We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone.


Our design services encompass design research, interaction design, visual design, web design, design technology, copywriting and technical writing.


Our time is limited, and the prevailing wisdom is that the more we have of it, the more opportunities there are for us to experience joy and fulfillment.


A hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.


Programming paradigms are a way to classify programming languages based on their features. Languages can be classified into multiple paradigms.

What do you think is the most serious problem of English Communication in Korea?
When we’re talking about miscommunication issues with web agency. I don’t understand the technical language you are using to explain things to them with Korean.

We look forward to exploring new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics, and continue our journey through history of innovation. SOPHIA will welcome new challenges and opportunities with joy. My design process focuses on designing websites around SEO.
Keywords you want to rank for need to be placed in the title tag.

While search engines are becoming more and more clever, so should your content strategies. Google Trends is also handy for identifying terms people actually use when they search.

Create The Future

To create a better world full of optimizing experiences

The closer to the beginning, the better.
Keywords should also appear in the H1 tag, meta description, and body content.

Create The Future

To create a better world full of optimizing experiences

SOPHIA was founded by Lena Kim and Joan Anderson who needed a solution to help them manage their longboard business as it grew and became more complex.

We’re proud to work with industry-leading brands that strive to add value in their sectors and at large. The most powerful project for business are the ones people already love to use it.

SOPHIA appoints Lena Kim as Global CEO.

Welcome to our site, SOPHIA.

Sophia is running towards the 21 century. We'd like to welcome you in our online-community, where place and time are not important. Recently, sophism is discussed again as the ideal of the doctrine that was covered by sophists in the ancient Greece world. Sophism is known to be a type of an excuse, a kind of justification for ourselves. Although we provided something called money to the web agent, we would be disappointed about the irresponsibility, self-defending attitude of the company, when there is no good result.

Do all customers know?
If we do not get a satisfactory result, is this the end?
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Everyone could just say,
"Yes, I can". But we make sure to research it carefully, like for example the method of procedure of know-how. From now on we won’t accept irresponsible, abstractive words anymore.

To make dreams come true, we'll provide the proper method and achieve satisfaction when launching your website.

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